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Make America Green Again! Studies show that many varieties of houseplants help to keep the air in your home clean. Interested in some long lasting décor or a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member? We keep a wide selection of living plants in all different shapes and sizes —whether you’re looking for a tropical, a hardy green plant, or something blooming — we’ve got it! Here at Flowers Washougal, we’re always focused on detail. Our plant specialties are creative, unique, and easy to care for. We can do anything from a mixed garden in an interesting container to something a little more simplistic. With advanced notice, we are happy to source a specific plant of your choice if we don’t already have what you’re looking for. If your old green friends are in need of some TLC, bring them on in and we’ll do our best to help them thrive once again!

A few of our little secrets:

Keep the orchid in a place that receives natural, filtered light throughout the day.  Orchids enjoy warmer temperatures and humid environments.  Avoid direct sunlight and chilly temperatures.  Water the orchid once a month, using a spray bottle, aim below the leaves, at the base of the plant, and spray 3-5 pumps only.  Orchids from our shop are potted in sealed containers, with no draining; please be careful not to overwater.  At the end of the bloom cycle, bring back the container and purchase a fresh orchid variety of your choice and we will repot it for you.

Keep the Bromeliad in a place that receives bright, filtered light throughout the day.  Bromeliads enjoy relatively humid environments.  Water the Bromeliad every 2 weeks, allowing the soil to dry out between watering.  Pour just enough water to fill the center well of the leaves.  Bromeliads from our shop are in sealed containers, with no draining; please be careful not to overwater.

The brightly colored bloom of the Bromeliad lasts for several months.  When it eventually dries out and loses its color, trim it off at the base and enjoy the Bromeliad as a green plant.  In time, new off shoots called, “pups” may develop to the side of the original bloom and take about 2-3 years to fully mature into a new bloom.  If you’d rather not wait for the new bloom, bring back the container and purchase a fresh Bromeliad variety of your choice.  We’ll repot it for you!

Place the succulent in a place where it will receive bright, filtered light throughout the day.  Water every 2 weeks with a spray bottle.  Gently lift the succulent to expose the roots and spray 3-5 pumps. Succulents retain water within their leaves, so they do not need a lot of water.  It is important to let them dry out between watering to prevent rotting.

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